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Authority To Sell Property

This is only a sample Authority to Sell format.  It could be subject to modifications to suit the purpose/s of its execution and requirements of the parties.  It is advisable that before an execution of any legal document, one must seek legal advice or assistance from a Lawyer.

An Authority to Sell  is executed when granting a right to a  person (an agent) to find a buyer for a property. The agent is not permitted to enter into an agreement for sale.  The agent is allowed to market the property for sale and is entitled to compensation for finding a buyer.  (http://www.investorwords.com/)



        THIS IS TO AUTHORIZE _______________________, of legal age, single/married, a resident of _______________________________________________, to do and perform any and all of the following acts:


TO OFFER THE SALE of particular house and lot located at ___________________________________________, more particularly described in Original Certificate of Title/Transfer Certificate of Title No. ___________________, registered in the name of the undersigned under the following terms and conditions:



Contract Price


Total Area


Capital Gains and Documentary Stamp Taxes and Registration of Sale


Commission of 3% of the Brokers for Successful transaction


      Clean Title (no encumbrance or lien)

      With Approved Building Permit, Occupancy Permit, Locational Clearance, Business Permit (if any and applicable)

      Updated Real Property Tax Payment

      Due Diligence on the account of the Buyer


        This authority shall become effective only from ________until _____________________, subject for renewal in writing after the said date.




Contact Nos. ______________________



REB No. ____________


__________________________                    __________________________


SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me, this _____ day of _____ 20___ in the Municipality/City of ______, affiant exhibiting before me her (Government-Issued Identification Card No. ________)  issued at ____________ on __________.

Doc. No. ___ ;

Page No. ___;

Book No. ____;

Series of _____.