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Breonna Taylor Grand Juror Calls Prosecution ‘A Betrayal’

Two grand jurors in the Breonna Taylor case who have pushed for an opportunity to speak out got their chance Wednesday morning on “CBS This Morning.” The two grand jurors remain anonymous. Their faces were blurred in the video, but their message was clear, the Louisville Courier-Journal reports. “They didn’t give us the charges up front,” one said. “They gave us all of that testimony, over 20-something hours, and then just say that these are the only charges that they’re coming up with. It’s like, ‘what did we just sit through?’ And that then to be told that we’re not charging them with anything else — to me, it was a betrayal.”

There was “an uproar in that room” when grand jurors learned only “wanton endangerment” charges against one officer would be presented, one said. The grand jury was told other possible charges were considered but that nothing else would  stick. “Normally the grand jurors are presented with the law and the charges, so that they can listen to the facts with an open mind and apply those facts to the law, almost as a roadmap,” said attorney Kevin Glogower, who is representing the two grand jurors. “What happened here was it was done in the complete reverse. … From a legal perspective, it looked like they weren’t following the grand jurors and they only wanted the grand jurors to follow them, which is contrary to the actual rule.” The grand spoke in response to a September press conference by Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, which they said misrepresented their position on potential indictments against three officers who fired weapons in the raid in which Taylor was killed. The grand jury never considered six possible homicide charges that Cameron cited, one grand juror said.