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Caring For The Legal Community

Caring for the legal community.

The health and prosperity of ONE400 clients, staff and the legal community at large is our priority. With the Covid-19 issues upon us, I felt it was important to share what we are doing to make sure that our clients remain mission ready and to extend an offer of help to anyone in the ONE400 community and legal industry at large.

What ONE400 is doing

We’ve moved ONE400 team members to a 100% distributed workforce effective immediately. Fortunately, because of prior automation, business process and systems design work, this only required changing the menu on our VOIP phones and cleaning out the refrigerator. We remain as mission ready as ever.

Everything we do for clients will continue without disruption. Distributed employees will conduct daily video stand up calls, respond to emails and answer phones as if we were in the office.

How we intend to help the ONE400 community

We know that many firms have not adopted automated processes for prosecuting work. Many firms still require clients to come to the office for initial consultations and to make payments. Given the current circumstances firms without strong utilization of technology or automated systems may feel the impact of decreased consumer travel, employees in quarantine and an inability to manage work from a distributed workforce.

To lend a hand, ONE400 team members stand ready to provide free consultations to anyone that needs help with adopting technology to make sure that business continues in this new business environment. We are available to provide guidance on:

  • Automated intake (lead intake and case intake)
  • Adoption of practice management software
  • Use of online payment systems
  • Using video and other cloud applications to provide consults remotely
  • Using secure client portals for delivering and receiving secure communications
  • Internal communication tools and processes for keeping your remote team engaged and mission ready
  • Using VOIP or 3rd party providers to handle phones while you are working remotely

We look forward to continuing to help you connect with people who need your services. If you have any questions or would like to speak with a ONE400 staffer for guidance on any matter mentioned above, contact us or simply give us a call at (626) 578-5040 or send us an email at info@one400.com


Allen Rodriguez
CEO/Founder ONE400

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