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Dig deep with clients to innovate and differentiate with confidence.

Independent Client Listening adds a new dimension to your practice, to open up new opportunities by breaking down boundaries between you and your clients, referrers/introducers and business partners.

To stay ahead, this is a highly effective means of finding out what services to provide – where to innovate, with confidence that clients will work with you – and how to deliver them in a way that they want. You can identify what adds value for them and develop your solutions to match … sometimes even before they know they want it.

Independent listening is a no-risk way to dig deep with clients – to identify what really makes a difference for them; and how you can add more value to your services for them.?

Clients will answer the critical and difficult customer experience questions for you; enabling you to identify how to differentiate your services from your competitors.

So, engage your people in the feedback that listening meetings always generate. The produce powerful business intelligence that allows you to make improvements that will probably extend well beyond the services delivered to the group of clients involved in any client listening exercise.

Dig deep in areas that matter. Get to know what is really going on in your clients’ businesses and how can you help them to achieve their objectives. What is their vision of the ideal business relationship with your practice and what is the potential to do more, in a better way for them?

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