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Employee engagement – help to make it happen.

Let us help you explore how you can use some tools to make this happen (to keep the momentum going), with confidence, using


to help structure and manage engagement, projects and development of people


Senior management in most law firms struggle to find or make enough time to engage and develop people; and to implement new business development initiatives on target. Nobody feels they have enough time, but much precious management time and energy is easily wasted through lack of consistent focus on what everyone is trying to achieve.

People – from the CEO or Managing partner to the office junior – work more effectively if they are helped to understand what they can do to make the best use of their skills and experience – and fill gaps as they become apparent; not having to wait for the next formal appraisal.

Many senior managers are too busy because they feel only they can do all of the jobs they do; eating up every second of the day. That does not make for a sustainable business. Management need to find a way to develop others around them to share the load, contributing more, with sound support to ensure results now and fill the gaps in skills and experience along the way.

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Simitive – developed and implemented successfully in other professional services sectors – provides a framework to support better and more effective, routine engagement of people in all aspects of the work they do; fee earning, management, projects, personal and business development, mentoring etc. Transparency and alignment of objectives and tasks enables managers to constantly review progress and provide input when needed, quickly adapting the plan by agreement as things progress. Internal communication, collaboration and innovation all benefit too.



solution comprises 3 key components to add structure to management of your practice:

  • Simitive Goals & Projects

    provide interactive, real-time management and monitoring of organisation, team and individual goals, objectives and projects. The system ensures that all organisational, team and individual goals and projects are clearly defined, agreed, visible and up to date, with a clear line of sight upwards and downwards through the whole organisation. Clients using Simitive Goals & Projects report a 20% saving in administration time, a 20% saving in wasted effort and a significant increase in the level of employee engagement on the desired outcomes of the organisation.

  • Simitive Review

    creates an on-going ‘living review’ that aligns with an individual’s goals and allows a more sophisticated, ongoing and adaptive way to communicate. Users of Simitive Review typically see completion rates increase to over 90%. At the same time the quality of conversations increases with over 85% or reviewees and reviewers reporting significant improvements in the quality and value of their appraisals.

  • Simitive Learning Management

    helps law firms manage

    the SRA’s new competency requirements (that are replacing CPD)

    , providing a real-time learning management platform that engages every individual directly in identifying, agreeing and completing learning and development activities. It enables you to work together with your people to define what learning activity is required, when, and by whom. It also chases your staff pro-actively to advise of training required. Simitive’s Learning Management System (LMS) supports SRA-style behavioural, competency and skills frameworks, providing the platform for talent management and succession planning.

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