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FBI Agents Association Asks Trump, Biden to Keep Wray

The association representing more than 14,000 FBI agents called on President Donald Trump and former vice president Joe Biden to retain Christopher Wray as the bureau’s director, trying to throw their muscle behind their leader amid reports that Trump has discussed firing him after the election, the Washington Post reports. In letters to the presidential candidates, FBI Agents Association President Brian O’Hare noted that since 1976, FBI directors have been appointed for 10-year terms — which is supposed to insulate their law enforcement mission from politics. While presidents can remove their directors, O’Hare wrote that “doing so could lead to instability and damage to the Bureau’s operations.”

“Director Wray is an asset to the Bureau and a trusted leader of Agents in the field,” O’Hare wrote. “Our country is safer because of him. Director Wray operates independently from partisan activities, and his nomination and acceptance of the position were predicated on that fact. He has not led the Bureau in a political manner, and politics should not determine his fate as Director.” Trump has shown little regard for the FBI director’s 10-year term. Only a few months into the job, the president removed James Comey from the position, alluding later to Comey’s handling of the investigation of possible ties between the 2016 Trump presidential campaign and Russia. Comey was less than halfway through his prescribed term.