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Florida AG Moody Becomes Key Player in Political Causes

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody ran on a promise to keep her office out of politics. Now she is one of Donald Trump’s biggest surrogates in the nation’s biggest swing state, reports Politico. Moody, a former college Democrat whose family once sued Trump over a condominium dispute, has jumped into conservative causes with gusto, attending presidential campaign rallies, making appearances on right-wing media and has become a voice for the Republican Attorneys General Association. The former judge has taken on Michael Bloomberg, and  could be at the center of the post-election fallout if the results in Florida are called into question. Moody stands to benefit whether Trump wins or loses: She could prove to be a formidable foe to Joe Biden, becoming a voice of opposition to a newly liberal Washington, or take advantage of being a key White House supporter in coming years.

Her actions appear to be at odds with her campaign promises that partisanship would have no place in her office. Yet Moody — prodded in a phone call by Gov. Ron DeSantis — made the decision to ask state and federal law enforcement officials to investigate Bloomberg after it was announced the former New York City mayor had raised $16 million to help pay off court debts for people with felony convictions so they could register to vote. The move came after a federal appeals court upheld a contentious voting law passed in 2019 that required felons to pay off outstanding legal financial obligations in order to be eligible.