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Hill-Harris Poll: Sixty-One Percent Of Voters Now Support A Trump Concession Speech

We recently discussed the Politico poll showing that a majority of people were not calling for President Donald Trump to concede the election while a plurality supported such an immediate concession.  We discussed that the number calling for concession would likely continue to increase and a new Hill-Harris poll would seem to support that view. Some sixty-one percent in the poll believeTrump should give a concession speech. At a minimum, some of us have called for President Trump to call for “ascertaining” the election for Biden so that a transition can proceed unimpeded. That would not concede the election, but it would be the responsible course of action. It is long overdue. Some of us called for ascertainment over two weeks ago.

The poll put the question a bit awkwardly. Instead of asking if voters thought Trump should concede, it asked whether Trump should give a concession speech.  That was more ambiguous than the Politico poll that asked if Trump should concede immediately.

Seventy-one percent of Democratic voters, 60 percent of independent voters, and 53 percent of Republican voters said it is important for Trump to give a concession speech.

Again, I believe that it is important to have the allegations raised by the Trump campaign addressed transparently and expeditiously in the interests of national unity. I was critical of the press conference yesterday because of its heated rhetoric and unproven allegations of a global Communist conspiracy. Last night, Tucker Carlson also criticized the lack of evidence offered to support the global conspiracy. Again, this is not the time for “opening statements” but hard evidence.

There were plausible objections raised about over voting, conditional ballots, and other issues. However, those legal claims were repeatedly cut off by sweeping descriptions of a Communist conspiracy tied to Venezuela and Cuba. Absent hard evidence, more voters will be calling for concession. The rhetoric bordered on a rave at points and overwhelmed the specific challenges being planned in various states. It undermined the credibility of these lawsuits.

Last night, Giuliani continued with that rhetorical onslaught and claimed not only a national conspiracy but one directed by Biden.  He also claimed evidence that a “large truck” was seen pulling up at 4:30 am into a Detroit voting center loaded with Biden ballots in trash cans and shopping bags.  Such a violation would likely be caught on videotape and the conspiracy would involve a large number of criminal co-conspirators. It is time to see that evidence.