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How to unleash the potential of managers in your practice.

Why and how the CMgr “Chartered Manager” qualification can unleash the potential of managers in your law firm.

It is widely agreed that we need to develop more management skills in law firms to generate and implement the innovation and change that is needed now; to enable firms to differentiate their service and to find ways to deliver more value.

I hadn’t heard much about the Chartered Management Institute’s “Chartered Manager” – CMgr – qualification before. However, having researched it recently, I am impressed now by how it works; just

as I was with Legal Service Apprenticeships a few years back

, which have proved a big success in law firms.

Qualifying as a Chartered Manager is a relatively condensed approach to learning. It appears to fit better with the ongoing demands of the day job when compared with other similar qualifications. It is very practical, with live project work done as part of the programme and the results (researched and reported in depth in the report that you can download below) certainly appear to justify this investment to develop new skills and confidence in your people.

The snippets below might prompt lawyers and other managers to find out more about this as an option from your Learning & Development or HR Managers and Directors. Firstly, here are some assured comments based on personal experience from the CEO of Greater Manchester’s Police Federation who earned the qualification …

Some informative downloads:

NEXT STEPS? How to get on the right path for this qualification?

I suggest that you explore this new CMgr Programme Tailored for Managers in Law Firms due to run soon in London & Manchester.

Next Level Impact



(both specialists in learning and development in the legal sector) have combined their experience and resources to deliver a CMI (Chartered Management Institute) accredited programme tailored specifically for law firms. It takes account of, for example, the role of Lexcel and the

SRA’s new competency requirement

s for solicitors in both the structure of the programme and the “improvement projects” that are an essential part of the learning experience; also the obligations and opportunities created by ABS’ and other significant developments that impact on law firms.

The programme comprises condensed learning in 3 insightful Masterclasses, with the skills learned then applied in practice. Successful completion requires participants to deliver an “improvement project” within their organisation to demonstrate and support their progress towards recognition as an “Chartered Manager,” accredited by the Chartered Management Institute. Participants are supported by extensive online learning and research resources.

Participants become a student of the prestigous CMI on enrollment and then select the level of qualification they want to achieve, with their involvement then tailored to enable them to meet that level. They will become full CMI members on completion.

The 3 Masterclasses cover:

  1. Leadership & Management Essentials

  2. Unleashing Leadership & Management Potential

  3. Maximising Effectiveness

More Information

about the content of each of these masterclasses is included in the programme outline that you can download here >>

To explore further and discuss your particular requirements

, please contact the Programme Coordinator, John Baxter on 01787 370735 or at john.baxter@ea-learningtech.com