Logic and LSAT

Identifying the two main types of logic games in the LSAT

First, logic games can be divided generally into two types, line games and sorting games:

􏰁 Line game: A line game asks you to arrange chips in order, from first to last. Here are some examples:
Seven people standing in line at the supermarket
A schedule of plays produced in eight consecutive months

A contest in which the top six players are ranked

􏰁 Sorting game: A sorting game asks you to separate chips into two or more groups. Here are some sorting-game examples:

Deciding which four out of eight neckties to take on a trip

Choosing four officers from a group of nine nominees

Dividing a group of ten children into three cars

Some of the more-difficult logic games have aspects of both line games and sorting games. But when you understand how the both types of games work, you begin to see strategies that can apply to more-complex games.

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