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Modernise CRM in 6 Steps, but start with client expectations and how you want their journey to look and feel.

A Forrester report worth downloading, with case studies, marketing insights and refreshing thinking on how businesses are using CRM to better support clients during their engagement journey. Successful CRM is not only about features and functions or internal efficiencies. These modern CRM success stories embody six overarching themes centered on customer obsession.

1 – Align your CRM strategy with your client experience strategy. Has that been explored and defined at your practice?

2 – Focus CRM outcomes on increasing revenue, not just operational efficiencies.

3 – Leverage CRM to “effortlessly” support the end-to-end client journey.

4 – Use CRM to deeply personalise the client engagement.

5 – Extend CRM beyond its traditional footprint by leveraging integrations.

6 – Combat the CRM “Hate Factor” by engageing CRM users simply and easily.

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To put these into practice for your legal business

requires some “out of the box” thinking. We can help you start the process by exploring and defining the journey that you want your new prospects and existing clients to follow in engaging with you.

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