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Moving to Paperless?  A free helping hand.

FREE CONSULTATION to plan your path and avoid the mistakes others have made.

“The audit and analysis they performed enabled us to increase the productivity of the Admin/Support team and reduce the costs of document output across the firm. Excellent use of our time and a valuable resource”

(Operations Director, Express Solicitors)

Our process automation partners,

TBA Group

will introduce how they are working with other firms to reduce paper/print volumes, exploring how that can be applied most effectively in your practice to enable you to transition from Paper to Digital.

When it comes to funding the work on a project, TBA will share the risk with you so you pay ONLY a % of the agreed savings that result.

TBA’s Managing Director, Alex Hutchinson will cover all the key steps that ensure the success of a project. He will also discuss any areas where you would like to increase the Operational Efficiency of Documents within your practice, offering free advice on how to make this work in the context of your particular business, taking account of, for example:

  • Your existing use of technology and any options as yet untapped.

  • The nature of the work you handle.

  • Size of your practice and spread of offices.

  • Skills and attitudes of your employees, which can often be critical

  • The needs of your clients and introducers of work.

There is no obligation to progress the discussion further. However, you will learn a good deal about how the TBA approach has successfully added value and increased the Net Profit of similar businesses; a win/win opportunity.

If you go ahead with a project

: TBA Group’s fees are a % of agreed financial savings achieved so they share your risk and their goals are aligned with yours.

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