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NC DWI Guy Episode 28: Celebrating 10 Years with Henry Padilla

This will go down as one of the most insightful and wisdom filled podcasts we will ever produce. On November 1, 2020 Jake Minick will celebrate 10 years since opening his firm.

Today the NC DWI Guy sits down with his first ever employee, Henry Padilla, to discuss the successes and failures that Minick Law has experienced as a firm over the past decade. Henry has worked with Jake for 9 ½ of the 10 years of the life of the firm and Henry has experienced the highs and lows the firm has gone through during this period of development and growth.

Buckle your seat belt because you are in for a fun ride today!



Discover the humble beginnings of Minick Law and the milestones of growth experienced by the firm


Learn some of the biggest failures and hardships we experienced along the way and why those were important to our growth as an organization


Listen to Henry and Jake discuss why people are so important to the success of a business and how to keep your people happy


Uncover the significance of “the experience” you give to your clients during the course of your representation and how improving this experience will lead to repeat and referral business

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