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ONE400 Helps A Law Firm Launch A New Product

What does Law 5.0 look like? We helped this law firm figure it out

Victoria Aguilar, founding partner at The AR Group, an employment law firm based in Colorado, came to us with one goal in mind. Though she had successfully built a profitable practice, she knew that the legal industry was swiftly changing and also noticed that her clients were increasingly asking for alternative fixed fee arrangements. She came to ONE400 for its expertise in product development and asked us to create a product that would compliment her legal services. We helped her launch Uncommonly Smart HR, a subscription-based human resources consulting company that advises companies on complying with labor regulations, creating a productive corporate culture, human capital management and other employment related topics. For a fixed monthly fee, you get unlimited access to a team of HR consultants and lawyers that will provide advice, review documents, conduct audits and provide evaluations such as whether or not someone can be considered an independent contractor. Uncommonly Smart HR created a new revenue stream for Victoria and also took an innovative approach to packaging legal and human resource services.

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