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PAY LESS TAX:  The Process of Claiming Embedded Capital Allowances

Claiming Embedded Capital Allowances is simple, straightforward and stress-free when you use specialist advisors with experience of building and presenting your claim effectively, so that you receive the tax relief you are entitled to in a way that requires very little input from you.

Owners with a potential claim are often put off by the idea of working through the claiming process but specialists who can quickly interpret the rules relevant to your particular circumstances can do the difficult bit for you. They only need an hour of your time to gather information and talk you through the process; then they can do the rest, talking first to your Accountant to get information from the past few years, then obtaining a Land Registry for the property. This doesn’t take long and only relates to information that is needed for a sucessful claim.

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Once a potential claim has been confirmed, a surveyor with experience of dealing with these claims will look around your property to identify unclaimed items which qualify for tax relief. Based upon the findings from the surveyor, a specialist Tax Accountant will complete a detailed report for approval by HMRC to quantify the level of allowances your property will qualify for.

On average, it takes only 8 weeks from our initial meeting to you receiving your relief from HMRC. This relief often adds up to tens of thousands of pounds, making a positive impact on any businesses’ cash flow.



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