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Time Spent as Independent Contractor Relevant Factor in Calculating Reasonable Notice

Is the amount of time spent as an “independent contractor” an appropriate fact for the court to consider when calculating the reasonable notice period if the worker later becomes either a true employee or dependant contractor?

In Cormier v. 1772887 Ontario Limited c.o.b. as St. Joseph Communications, 2019 ONSC 587 (CanLII), affirmed by the Court of Appeal for Ontario in Cormier v. 1772887 Ontario Limited (St. Joseph Communications), 2019 ONCA 965 (CanLII), Justice Paul Perell held that, it would be wrong in principle to ignore those years of the relationship in determining the reasonable notice period.

The case is an important read for those who may elect to start their relationship one way, but then change it over time.