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Trump Critics Fuel Internet Conspiracy Theories Surrounding The President’s Illness

The Internet is raging with conspiracy theories this weekend on how President Donald Trump may be faking his illness or using his Covid-19 treatment for some hidden dark purpose. MSNBC host Joy Reid drew criticism for passing along postings on how Trump may be lying about his illness to “get out of the debates.”  On CNN, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer agreed with host Erin Burnett that even Vice President Pence may be lying in simply saying that morning that the President and First Lady were doing well while convalescing in the White House.  Michael Moore warned the public that this all may be a massive lie orchestrated by Trump.

While correctly lambasting Qanon and other sites for misinforming and conspiracy theories, Trump critics often have a high tolerance for their own conspiracists, including leading journalists.

Consider the basis for the latest conspiracy theory.  Trump would have to enlist the support of literally hundreds of people to hide the fact that he is really doing fine.  Doctors, nurses, security, and other at Walter Reed would have to be part of this elaborate lie. And what is the purpose? The contraction of Covid-19 is an obvious embarrassment for the President who has been criticized for downplaying the virus and insisting that the country is turning the corner. In the meantime, Trump would have taken himself off the campaign trail at the critical time in the election.

The White House properly informed the public of the positive testing and has disclosed details on his treatment.  It allows press to film him walking to the helicopter and entering Walter Reed.

Others have questioned whether he is truly taking the experimental “drug cocktail” or lying about his reaction to it. Again what is the basis and advantage of such lies?

If we are going to unleash more conspiracy theories, at least make them interesting. The real fear should not be an effort to avoid debate. Rather something far far more sinister could be revealed as Trump emerges from his experimental treatment.  No, I am not speaking of viral immunity.  I am speaking of super MAGA powers:


Now that is a conspiracy theory and it is just about as plausible as President Trump being treated not by hundreds of professionals, but co-conspirators.

This is a serious illness and the President is clearly a high-risk patient. However, the medical staff has moved quickly and aggressively. We would do well to take a brief break from our ragefest and simply wish the President a speedy recovery. Then everyone can return to this bloodsport as known as the American presidential election.