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Trump Faces Serious Criminal Probes If He Loses

More than a dozen investigations and civil suits involving Donald Trump are underway. He has survived one impeachment,  six bankruptcies, 26 accusations of sexual misconduct, and an estimated 4,000 lawsuits. That run of good luck may end, perhaps brutally, if he loses, The New Yorker reports. Even if Trump wins, grave legal and financial threats will loom over his second term. Two investigations are being led by  Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr., and Letitia James, New York’s attorney general. Because their jurisdictions lie outside the federal realm, convictions would be beyond the reach of a presidential pardon. “He knows that if he doesn’t manage to stay in office he’s in serious trouble,” said the president’s niece, Mary Trump. “I believe he’ll be prosecuted, because it seems almost undeniable how extensive and long his criminality is.”

Vance’s case includes a hard-hitting exploration of potentially illegal self-dealing in Trump’s financial practices. Trump has long made aggressive, and potentially fraudulent, use of accounting gimmicks to all but eliminate his income-tax burden. One minor but revealing detail is that he deducted $70,000 for hair styling, which ordinarily is a personal expense. A former top official in New York suggested that Vance and James are unlikely to abandon their investigations if Trump loses the election, if only because it would send an unwanted message: “If you’re Tish James or Cy Vance and you drop the case the moment he’s out of office, you’re admitting it was political.”