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Webinar: Lawyer Mastermind (Rd. 22): How To Stop Running an “Average” Law Firm

Join us August 18th at 11am EST for a free webinar on how to take your law firm to the next level.

On this week’s show, we’ll tell you 3 powerful ways to stop running an “average” law firm and the 3 things that all successful lawyers do to graduate from a world of “average” into a world of “extraordinary.”

We’ll discuss:

  • The 3 barriers that are standing in your way from building an extraordinary law firm.
  • How to set big goals, and actually reach (and believe) them.
  • How to create growth execution plans to reach big goals.

Speaker Agenda & Topics

11:00-11:05 am: Bill Hauser – Welcome and Introductions

11:05-11:20 am: Ken Hardison – 3 Barriers To Building An Extraordinary Law Firm

11:20-11:35 am: Bill Hauser – How To Set Bigger Goals, Believe Them (and Reach Them)

11:35-11:45 pm: Rebecca Sheppard – PPP Updates + Heals Act Updates

11:45-12:00 pm: RJon Robins – How To Turn Bigger Goals Into Unreasonable Growth Plans

12:00-12:30 pm: LIVE Panelist Q&A

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Meet your presenters

Rebecca Sheppard, Esq.

Senior associate at Frost Law

Ken Hardison, Esq.

Of Counsel at Hardison & Cochran

Bill Hauser

CEO of the SMB Team

RJon Robins

CEO of How To Manage A Small Law Firm

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