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When Are You Eligible for a Mesothelioma Injury Claim?

Mesothelioma, a very advanced and difficult to treat a form of mesothelium cancer, is often resulted from over-exposure to asbestos, a naturally occurring carcinogen mineral. If this exposure occurred through external factors out of your control, then you might be entitled to a mesothelioma injury claim. 

In a situation like this, you need to be aware of the many situations that imply a mesothelioma carcinogen risk, and what relevant legal action can be taken against them. Let us analyze some of them below. 

Professional Over-Exposure

If your domain of activity involves working in an industry such as mining, construction, or mineral processing, chances are that your work environment might have regularly exposed you to an unhealthy quantity of asbestos dust.

While symptoms of lung and stomach mesothelioma can take anywhere from 20 to 60 years to show after exposure, it is ideal for you to keep track of your professional environment and the materials that you are instructed to work with. You never know when this informative diligence could prove useful. 

With a large number of asbestos companies scattered all around the US, the legal counsel that you would receive has most likely been previously used in a case nigh-identical to your own. 

Due to the large amounts of carcinogen particles released in this specific field of work, the majority of workers would inadvertently inhale or ingest the harmful mineral throughout a regular workday. 

Moreover, because of the molecular nature of asbestos, you could be putting your loved ones at risk by carrying the hazardous particles home, on your clothes, or even on your skin. Not only are you forced to endure damaging workplace conditions, but your home might become a mesothelioma threat in and of itself. 

You would be one of the countless others who have suffered the exact same injury at the hands of professional negligence. 

Domestic Over-Exposure

In the case of newly refurbished homes, asbestos could be hiding in plain sight among the air you breathe, which in turn is a defining factor for you or your family eventually potentially developing a form of mesothelioma. 

There are a number of materials that could contain asbestos around your house. These include ceiling and floor tiles, the cement inside the walls, and the insulation around the water pipes, among many others. 

The asbestos particles usually get released into the breathable air when the house is renovated, which usually implies walls being drilled into, mass flooring removal, and replacements of leaky or faulty pipes. 

All of these actions could unknowingly spread severe amounts of asbestos if they are not handled with caution. 

Asbestos materials are usually best left alone, mostly due to the fact that they cannot be easily detected by the untrained eye, and what might look like a completely safe decision in domestic redesign could actually prove catastrophic for someone’s health much later down the line.

As such, if you have moved into a recently refurbished home, and the person in charge of the renovations did not take the necessary precautions by contacting a well-instructed asbestos professional beforehand, your possible mesothelioma injury is on their hands. 

Legal Specialists Are Here for You

Now that we have established how and why mesothelioma occurs, and we are well aware of when we are entitled to receive legal representation, how do we go about obtaining that? The answer is quite simple.

Attorneys who have specialized in Personal Injury Law, such as the Pintas & Mullins legal team, are here to provide clarity for all of your anxieties and worries about embarking on a personal injury claim.

Through their free legal case evaluations, they have dedicated their knowledge and experience to the greater good of the community, with an aim to ensure that you receive the necessary moral and financial compensation that you rightfully deserve.

Through the insightful guidance of an empathetic personal injury lawyer, your mesothelioma injury claim will become a much smaller source of a worry than it might have appeared at first glance.  

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