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Win private clients for life and grow your client base with just this one question. 

“Would it be helpful if I send some information to your executors about the role they are taking on?”



When you make a will for a client,

ALWAYS ask … this question.


Make sure you have a good quality leaflet available

to send by post and/or email that provides useful insights into the role of an executor; well presented, with readable FAQ’s – and an outline of who you are and what you do.

3. Send it


invite them to drop

in for a chat to discuss. Ensure compliance with GDPR to get the executor’s consent to you keeping in touch.

4. Add their names to your database


keep in touch

with information about your practice and your services.



This is an easy opportunity to

grow your client base quickly


people who can become clients for life.


This can produce n

ew work for your private client team tomorrow

; maybe conveyancing, PI, their own wills etc.


Knowing about executors’ responsibilities

would be helpful

to the client and the executor.


These executors are

amongst your best prospects for new business

because your client should speak well of you.


They probably

fit with the profile of people that you are likely to appeal to



They may know your practice already, but that doesn’t mean they will always use you. It’s

a useful prompt.


If they don’t know you, this

gets your name in front of them

– in a good way.


It creates an

opportunity to meet face to face

– although most are more likely to come along when they need you.


It’s more likely these executors will use you for their

wills and probate work in the future – so do the same again!


It takes preparation, planning, coordination and commitment from everyone in your practice. Very few firms invest the time and effort because they don’t recognise the potential and the lost opportunity, so it’s worth some effort to get organised; others are reluctant to ask the question and few put enough effort into gathering, cleansing and using their client data effectively. So there are some key steps to take to be able to get the full return on this.

For example:


Make sure all your staff know

that what matters most is making the clients comfortable, taking time to build a rapport with them, as well as doing the legal job well.

2. If you don’t have a

reliable and user-friendly marketing/prospecting database

, get one organised now. You’ll have to set aside chargeable time to sort out a good system, but it’s an investment worth making. If you don’t have searchable records of executors, trustees and beneficiaries, as well as testators, set these up now, before your campaign begins. Otherwise, you will lose out on one of the best sources of new clients available to high street practices.


Sell your service

as a joint executor. Don’t just tell your clients what you will do – tell them how it will make things much easier for the people they leave behind. Find out what matters to your clients, by exploring their ideas and fears on what will happen after their death and respond with practical advice.


Get your clients’ agreement for you to keep in touch

and keep them informed. Add them to your mailing list and do actually keep in touch. To do this, you need to get your client and contact database in order. This should be an absolute priority for every law firm right now. Don’t let the GDPR requirements inhibit your plans. Deal with them.

6. Invest some time in business development with your clients’ consent.

Invite every executor and trustee into your office

when the will has been made to discuss their role and responsibilities, and your role in helping them. Give executors and trustees information to take away and get their agreement for you to keep in touch. Add them to your mailing list and do keep in touch. Again, you need that database.


We can help you put together the plan and to make this happen for your practice.

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